“Five Stars: Power of Love over Mental Illness”

Five Stars: Power of Love over Mental Illness ~ January 16, 2016 by Dawn Baertlein

Just Claire

Just Claire tells the story of 13-year-old ClaireLee, beginning the night her life changes in more ways than anyone should have to face at once. On the first night in their tiny cabin on the shores of the Rushing River her mother goes into a long and painful labor.

When the baby is finally born, Claire’s father rushes mother and baby off to the hospital, leaving Clair to clean up the terrifying blood, and reassure for her three younger siblings. Claire grows up fast, dealing with a new school and its new bullies, while single-handedly caring for her sister and two brothers. And things don’t get any better when her mentally fragile mother finally comes home.

Told in the voice of a strong but overwhelmed young girl, Just Claire is a wonderful tale of the power of love over mental illness.