“Five Stars: Best book of the year, so far!”

Just Claire

Five Stars: Best Book of the Year so far~January 9, 2016 by Plain Servant

I used to love to read JeanAnn Williams articles she wrote for Listen Magazine and Winner Magazine. She writes about old school issues that are often ignored by modern day writers, who seem to follow the flow of what’s selling the fastest. JeanAnn has a way of rekindling the spark of everyday life, which allows her to write about very important issues, and a way of keeping her readers mystified as to what happens next. I never have to worry about my children reading her books and articles because they are free of the foul language and inappropriate suggestions that many writers use to sell their material. This book is no exception. Like all of her writings, once you start reading it’s hard to put down. I can not wait for her next book to be published. This is listed as a upper middle grade book, so it is a good read as a bed time story. At the same time, all adults that have read the book have really enjoyed it.