“Five Stars: A Sweet, Moving Story for Middle Grade Readers”

Just Claire

Five Stars: A Sweet, Moving Story for Middle Grade Readers~January 7, 2016 by Susanne Lakin

This is such a lovely Middle Grade book. Claire is struggling with so many issues. Her mother has just given birth and she’s not able to deal with motherhood. Claire, a big sister to younger brothers, is thrust into a new town, new school, and new responsibilities that put a heavy weight on her shoulders. More than anything, she just wants to be a girl and make friends at her school, but it’s hard, and she finds herself caught in a fight between the rich girls and a poor uneducated one. All she wants is to have her mom back to normal and live a normal life. But is that even possible?

The issues and themes in this story are deep and beautiful. Jean Williams writes in a simple, sweet style that young readers will love.