Prismatic Prospects’ Nadine C. Keels Reviews Inspirational Fiction

Nadine C. Keels reviews inspirational books, and I, as a hungry reader, rely heavily on Nadine’s book review site, Prismatic Prospects. I truly appreciate what Nadine does to bring readers honest reviews of books which inspire, entertain, and are hopeful.

Without further delay, here is more about Nadine C. Keels of Prismatic Prospects.


How did you come up with your blog name?

Well, Prismatic Prospects is the name of my business, so I use it for my blog, too. There’s more than enough that’s dull, drab, and dark in the world, but I want the space I occupy to serve as a prism: a place that catches light and reflects it in vivid colors. A place where people can find hope and inspiration, so they’re not dwelling on the prospects of darkness in life but on the prospects of light.

And you’ve done this for me as a reader of many of the books you’ve reviewed. I truly thank you for this!

At what age did you realize you loved to read?

I must’ve been too young to notice how old I was, at the time! I formally learned to read at five years old, when I started school, but books were already in my life before then. My parents were big on getting me and my siblings into reading at home, so it’s almost as if I loved to read even before I knew how.

In what state do you call home?

Washington State. And, yes, I usually include the “State” part. Depending on where a person is from, if I simply tell them I’m from Washington, their automatic thought is “Washington D.C.”

You live close to me, Nadine. I live in Oregon!

What led you to write your first book?

LIFE, and the desire to help people with my writing, as other books have helped me. I was seventeen years old when I wrote my first novel, Yella’s Prayers. I’d been scribbling stories out ever since I was about eight, but when it came time to write the first book I intended to actually send out into the world, it was as if seventeen years of life came spilling out all at once. It spilled out onto paper.

Which book published first?

While Yella’s Prayers is the first book I wrote, the first book I published was The Song of Nadine, a little collection of poetry. I’ve since retired from my role as a poetess and spoken word artist to focus on my lifelong passion—fiction—but poetry is what got my feet into the publishing waters.

Which of your books is your favorite and why?

Yikes! I couldn’t name one. At this point, most of my fiction books are “favorites” for different reasons, on account of the different personal experiences behind them and how I’ve used them to fuel my passion.

If you had to choose one, who is your favorite author and why?

Yikes again! I simply couldn’t choose one. I could say I’ve got a variety of favorites for a variety of different but related reasons, and it’d be virtually impossible to separate the reasons from each other and deem one reason to be the highest.

With that said, four of my favorites to date are:

Janette Oke, for being a pioneer who has paved the way for so many other writers in the Christian Fiction genre as we now know it.

J.E. Keels, for the way his philosophical fiction digs deep into my psyche and haunts me long afterward, in a good way.

Henry James, for his deft command of the English language.

Beverly Cleary, my favorite children’s author, for her universal stories with unforgettable characters, especially Ramona Geraldine Quimby.

Now for the personal questions:

What is your favorite dessert?

In a pinch, I believe I’d choose Cookies and Cream ice cream!

What do you do for relaxation besides read?

I’m about as big a film lover as I am a book lover, since I’m such a story person, whether I’m reading one or watching one. Love to watch movies to relax—though if it’s a movie I’ve never seen before, I’ll likely be taking notes as I watch to use for writing a review later, the same as I do while I read.

I, also, enjoy a good movie, Nadine!

Last but not least, who do you admire the most outside of your family?

Yikes x3! I couldn’t choose just one person, but if I were to choose a composite of people, I most admire those who 1) truly care about humanity and 2) put action to their words, plans, dreams, etc.

Ahh, Nadine, I love this answer and it shows the caring depth of your personality.

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Until next time . . . read an inspirational book!

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