Just Claire out soon in Paperback & An Upcoming YA Book

So much has happened since I last posted, and the big news is my publisher, Clean Reads, is preparing my e-book, Just Claire, for paperback publication.

Of course I had to do more edits, and I finished them in five days and the updated version is in Clean Reads’ possession.

Now I wait.

And wait.


Ha! The publishing industry teaches me patience.

I’ve discussed my upcoming book due out in spring 2017, ROAD TRIP OF DELUSION. And, I’ve shared with you in the last post a draft sketch of ROAD TRIP’s cover, illustrated by Carley Rose Herlihy. Below is the newest draft of ROAD TRIP. Carley is focusing on what she visulizes for the book cover. She told me she wants the title to take the focus and the cover a background idea of the title.

Illustration by Carley Rose Herlihy

After Just Claire, and not including any series from Just Claire, my books will be Indie published by my press, Love Truth. I’m learning a ton about the publishing process and it is eye opening. I had my freelance editor put my nonfiction book, God’s Mercies after Suicide: Blessings Woven through a Mother’s Heart, through CreateSpace, but from now on, I’ll be taking care of this part myself.

Until next time . . . read a great story.

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